Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today ~ May 9, 2013

At the start of the day I was pretty happy. I got onto my computer to get ready to start doing the work for the 3ds max program. Unfourtanetly I found out that the version I had for 3ds max was 2013 which I obviously already knew, what I didn't know was that the program expired through its free trial and it would cost about $3,600. That's so crazy!!! So I had to download the free trial 3ds max version for 2014. Then I came across another problem which was the program for 2014 dowloaded wrong. I figured this out because it was saying the program would fully dowload in approximately 5,000 days. So I asked my teacher if it dowloaded wrong and he agreed and said yes. This problem caused another problem to occur, which was that the screen for the wrong dowload froze part of the computer therefore I had to restart the computer. So I came to find out that all that time from 8:00 A.m. - 9:27 A.m. I wasn't able to do anything and the software didn't download. When I came back from L.A. and Math lab I reset the whole download and it finally worked but, didn't finish dowloading til 12:30 P.M. When I came back from lunch I couldn't watch any training videos because the senior came over to keep on teaching us more HTML coding. My webpage today looked better than it looked at the end of the day yesterday. Overall today I had a great amount of problems but, it is ok!!! :)

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