Monday, September 9, 2013

~ Today Monday September 9, 2013 

I finished up my PowerPoint on IT Security. It was about how computer viruses work? Well your question may be how do they really work and I can answer that for you! They can start out as being a virus that attaches itself to whatever you may open. An e-mail virus that attaches by an e-mail attachment. A Trojan Horse that claims to be something that it is not. For example on the internet you may search mine-craft on Google and when you try to download the program it may not be what you wanted meaning it is not exactly the game it is just a virus attaching to the games. A worm replicates or copies using computer networks. The viruses have shown us that it can have an devastating effect on the computer. It can disrupt any productivity you are trying to do on your computer.It also does billions of dollars in damages to the computer. The Mydoom worm affects Microsoft Windows. It infected approx. quarter-million computers. The Melissa Virus forced Microsoft to shut off e-mail systems. The Storm Worm infected 50 million computers. 

For the rest of my day I presented this power-point and then I started watching videos and looking how to destroy a virtual-box!!!

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